Friday, March 20, 2009

4 day fat loss complete

Just finished a 4 day modified version of Graeme's 7 day fat loss camp and am happy. For me and my schedule as a busy mom, wife, group-x spin instructor and personal trainer, it's so much easier this way than the 7 day one. I bet if you're reading this you're just as busy and wonder how the heck do you change your eating habits for 7 days.

We talked to Graeme about this on our podcast (see our podcast on the right of this blog) and he gave us some great tips on modifying the same 7 day plan, basically condensing it to 4 days. It works great - you have tons of energy and not feel like it's such a long stretch nor a sacrifice. And the best part of all is that I saw 4 pounds come off in 4 days and never once did I feel starved.

I also started tracking my nutrition via sparkpeople - check us out at Team Paige

Lastly if you want to try the workouts I do, I mainly use the TRX system and cycling as my main workouts and Pilates reformer when I get the time.

Personally, the TRX has made such a difference in how I exercise (good-bye crunches!). The best part is that it costs only about $150, which I consider it a steal because you can get a total body workout with JUST the TRX.

Here’s a link to the TRX Online Store:

As a bonus for shopping via the link above, you’ll get a $20 ‘Thank You’ Certificate that you can use for a future purchase at to be used for future purchases (that’s more than half of the cost of a Training Program (DVD/Guide).

Let me know how you train!

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Triguru said...

Thanks so much for posting the podcast Joy! Congrats on your success!!


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