Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There are no limits

Each time I get to visit my dear friend Paige I'm reminded that there are no limits to our capabilities - only the ones we impose upon ourselves.

Paige and I were trying out the sport of track cycling - yes on a bike, on an oval outdoor track in May of 2008 when she had a freak solo accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The longer version of this story and her life back all of us is at

I was fortunate enough to get to know Paige just before her accident as she was one of my clients in a cycling program I ran that taught women how to ride a metric century. She excelled in the program as one of the best and brightest stars, always answering the questions correctly (along with her slightly competitive sister, Laura :)),and exceeding my expectations on the bike.

After the accident and her long road to returning home, I was privileged and honored to be asked by her amazing husband to become her personal trainer. This by the way was my first official personal training client and as with everything I do I took extra special care and handling with Paige. She hated me most days but deep down inside I knew she loved the friendship that was forming and I saw that competitive fire coming back. That willingness to keep trying until she got each move. Painful - yes, tears -yes, but never giving up. Paige is one of the key people in my life who gave me the hope and inspiration to pursue my passion of fitness and today I own my own boot camp business for women! Thank you Paige for inspiring me. (

Today, almost 2 years after the accident here's a recap on what Paige is up to;
1) riding a two wheeled, geared bike up and down the hilly hills of her neighborhood
2) jog/walking
3) doing yoga
4) doing spin class
5) Driving a car again!

got the picture -no limits and that's how Paige sees her world. Paige is truly my American Idol.

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