Friday, November 14, 2008

Busy week

I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted last! I'd love to say I've been on some exotic trip but in reality I've just been too busy to post. A good busy though and I've been doing lots of exercising - really mixing things up with a great variety of stuff.
Let's see if I can recall the last week;
Friday - TRX and Graeme Neuro Muscular drills
Saturday - ab work
Sunday - taught Spin class 1 hour
Monday - Day off with my boys
Tuesday - Taught Spin class and 1 hour of Yoga
Wednesday - Ran for 2 miles and TRX workout, Strength workout (Graeme) + Kates 1 hour Yoga
Thursday - 1 hour hill workout (Graeme's pedaling techniques) + TRX workout
Friday - Circuit work at the park + 1/2 hour TRX workout

I am going to start the Fat Loss camp (this will be my 2nd time) as soon as I receive the "Lean Out" supplements Graeme mentioned. I've never tried these before and am curious to see if it'll help me get leaner. I feel I'm getting some great muscle and core strength and am seeing gains in my flexibility so I'm encouraged.

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