Monday, November 3, 2008

Keep mixing it up

It would have been so easy to just sit by the fireplace today and study and take a pass on working out, after all I had taught Spin class yesterday and got a great workout so I did have some excuses built in. But then a little voice (sounded like Graeme to me) said "if you want to get fitter and stronger for next season you must do the hard workouts".

The nice thing is that I have a bajillion DVDs, CDs, etc to choose from - comes with being a personal trainer I guess. So I went to the Cyclo-Core DVDs and selected the Zen Power Yoga/Spin workout. Boy...I had not done that one in a while and let me tell ya' Graeme is not kidding when he says that last interval #5 on the bike will be the hardest! It was and I could definitely feel the cardiac drift (and you'll see it on the graph prob.).
The Yoga warm-up and cool down was absolutely perfect and I actually feel like I'm getting a bit more flexible, only due to the stretching and yoga that I've been doing from Graeme's workouts. The one thing I know for sure is that you have to continually mix it up so that your body continues to guess and can continue to get stronger and fitter. Thanks Graeme for providing us with such a variety of intense and fun workouts (I use the term "fun" loosely of course :).

Oh and I did some TRX biceps, triceps, and abs work before I finished. to the fireplace and studying and maybe some spinach garlic and egg scramble - and will have to try Graeme's oregano oil next time I'm sick! Sounds interesting.


TiGirl said...

What's TRX biceps, triceps and abs???


Joy said...

Hi Kate,
I use the TRX system - check out the videos at

It's a really simple concept where you use your body as the resistance and an anchored webbed band. You can change the level of difficulty by moving your body closer to the anchor point which makes it more difficult. It continually keeps your body guessing as you work against gravity so it's a great functional workout as well.

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