Saturday, November 15, 2008

Great day for exercise in California!

Wow! What a gorgeous day we're having in Northern California. Absolutely picture perfect day for exercise so I had some coffee and decided to take my lab for a run near our home. It's a beautiful paved and sandy trail about 1/2 mile to the end and my dog just loves it. It sits at about 1100 ft. elevation and gains about 250 feet at the peak so it's a really easy place to run. I ended up doing just over 2.09 miles and averaged a 10 min pace. I'm just getting into this running thing as part of my cross training for cycling so it's a nice diversion and helps me mix things up a bit. My goal is to do a 5k (yes Angela I will do this in 2009) at a sub 30 minute finish. We'll see!

After the short run I came home and did a circuit workout with my 8 and 1 1 year old boys --- talk about some energy. They have it oozing out of their pores and for some reason they think their mom is about 12 also. I think I did impress them with my atomic pushups though and the planks :)

ok, gotta go study and get some stuff done while my boys are out with Dad.
enjoy your weekend everyone.

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CQ said...

Please let me know what you think of Lean Out. I've thought of trying it also.

Regarding p90x :)

I did a preview week of it before I was actually going to start the real plan (which is now on hold) and really liked it. The cool thing for people like us is that it isnt a weight loss program it is a strength program. You have to be at or around your ideal weight and it pushes your muscles. Yes you will loose weight if you have it to loose but that is from getting the muscles up. I was able to do 3 pullups for the first time last week. I really enjoy the arms and shoulders week. The best thing for me is the plyometric workout because I need the HIT workout and I have no "ups".

I put them on my ipod and did them at the gym so I could have a bunch of different weights to choose from. No girlie weights. I really liked tracking my weights and reps also.

When I'm better I'll start again and work in the nutrition part with the workouts.

I'll be posting my thoughts as I do it. The ab workout is pretty hard, especially for cyclist with tight hip flexors.

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