Thursday, October 30, 2008

Strength and Core this week

Catching up on the blog here:
Tuesday p.m. - taught 1 hour spin class - pyramid workout (15 secs on/off built to 3 mins. on/off, changed positions with each set).

Yesterday I did an hour workout comprised of;
45 mins of Body Bar strength workout
15 mins of TRX - atomic pushups and tris and biceps work
15 mins of stretching

Today was a biggie - most of the workouts taken from Cyclo-Speed

Started with Cyclo-Speed NeuroMuscular Activiation Drill - Warm up Routine
then Advanced NeuroMuscular Training- the Gauntlet and Graeme says
then Overpower/Overspin Intervals - 1 set (I was feeling it) - see attached graph
next up Cyclo Speed Aero Ab Blaster
followed by 2 sets of TRX atomic pushups (here's a video demo
followed by PNF Advanced Flexibility Workout
ending with Active Stretching and Recovery Workout

reward: 2 quinoa quiche muffins (recipe on Cycl0-Club forums) and a cup of hot tea
not to mention a mito cap, a recovery tablet, and my vitamins (

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