Monday, October 13, 2008

Cyclo Climb Day 1

It's Monday, and today was Day 1 of my Cyclo-Club Climbing Camp "adventure". I started with Cyclo Warm in "5", then moved right into the Cyclo-Climb workout

Did I tell you I'm loving the new dynamic warm-up. It is such a great tool and does my body so much better than trying to get an effective warm-up on the bike. If you haven't tried it, try it next time and I bet you'll notice a difference in the quality workout on the bike.

So, after the warm-up I jumped on my Cycle-Ops Pro Indoor Spin bike and started. I had my iPod loaded up with the workout, 1 water bottle, heart rate monitor on, windows open, and ready to ride! The neat thing about doing this workout on an indoor bike and if you're lucky to have a power tap or a bike with power meter it really makes the workout measurable and provides a great benchmark to come back to as I progress (crossing my fingers my power will go up and heart rate will not sky rocket).

The warm-up was as I expected from any Graeme workout - well worth the investment of time and money and challenging (but of course we wouldn't expect less from Graeme would we?). It was tough. But having Graeme on my screen and seeing the demos of the shoe scraper, knee thruster, scissor kick, levitation, and adding the discipline of cadence at 80 rpm (listening to the rhythmic down beat to stay at 80 helps) was amazing and I know it can only help me in the hills here in Northern California.

I was never so happy to see Graeme come to the last effort and enjoyed the cool down immensely. After that I decided I needed a good stretch so I did Graeme's Fix the Back Flexibility and it was the perfect ending to an awesome workout. Now I feel like I can conquer my day.

I'm enclosing screen shots of my workout today, taken off my Power tap. Enjoy and please feel free to add suggestions, comments.

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