Friday, October 24, 2008

Cyclo Climb is paying off

Today I got a great 2 hour ride in. Did a 5 min. off-the bike warmup (Grame's of course), then rode from my home which sits at about 800 ft. altitude and climbed to the top of our neighborhood (about 1200 ft gain). Then a quick 4 mins. to the park to meet my girlfriend. I got there a few mins. before her so I got off the bike, feeling tight still so did another 5 min. off the bike warm-up. This helped a lot in loosening up my hips and glutes, which are always always tight regardless of stretches.

From the park we had a beautiful descent, then out a grade about 7 miles (another 800 ft. elevation gain here). Turned around and back up the parkway which includes a bunch of gradual climbs and then one more climb to my home stretch and back home. Once home I popped in a great Pilates for the back DVD and cooled down for an hour. I am feeling wiped out now so I'm not sure if it's the bootcamp workout I did yesterday or just general stress on my body. Either way the pedaling techniques I learned in Cyclo-Climb really helped me up the hills today and I look forward to using them each time I'm on the bike.

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