Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 6 done 1 to go!

Ok, I just finished Day 6's workout. Not quite to the letter as Graeme intended but I had to adapt. I had hoped to get my workout in this morning but didn't have time and promised my 8 year old we'd go rock climbing (on real big rocks outdoors) with Grandpa. Grandpa Frank is a former Yosemite Park Rescue Ranger and has years and years of rope/rock climbing experience so we never turn down the opportunity to learn from the master!

After climbing we treated to lunch and ice cream at a really great creamery in Oakland (Fentons if you ever get out this way). I knew I still had a workout to do so instead of the ice cream sundae I opted for a chocolate malt.

Needless to say, 2 hours later when we got home it was still sitting in my belly. But I had to do this workout and knew that even if it wasn't outside like Day 3's and it didn't emulate it exactly I still gave it my best.

Here's the graph. What's neat to compare is that my sustained power has gone up. Again, not going to break any of Lance's records (ha ha) but it's still not bad for a 47 year old right?

The other thing I noticed is that my legs and calves are still pretty sore from yesterdays "Impossible" workouts. Fatigue is definitely setting in towards the end here and I'm glad tomorrow is Day 7. My body will be ready for a recovery next week.

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