Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 3 Cyclo Climb - Hills are my friend....well...

Whew! Day 3 of Cyclo-Climb completed and I'm so glad I'm halfway through this journey. Learning so much about myself and my body's limits - amazing what we can do when our mind becomes strong and we learn to let go of any expectations and limitations we put on ourselves.

Today I had convinced one of my girlfriends to ride with me. She picked the neighborhood, which anywhere in our neck of the woods you go out your door and are looking at hills. Beautiful when you're at the top, but work getting there for sure.
We warmed up on the bikes for a few minutes then hit our first baby hill and proceeded to bigger hills and more challenging climbs as the hour progressed. I thought yesterday's hills were steep -- take a look at today's - it felt like 28% and that's what my GPS said but did I really climb that and live to talk about it. Literally at one point, I felt my front wheel lifting off the ground a bit! I even had to do the zig zag thing up the last unforgiving climb I was so tired. But I did focus on spinning into the hill, relaxing, using the knee thruster, shoe scraper going on, and then just tried to pace myself and push with power near the top.
I'm sure if there were a Power Tap on my wheel it wouldn't show any great results but for me it's more about setting a goal and accomplishing it.

Graeme - I have you to thank for giving us structure and empowering us to become stronger, more efficient cyclists. This is what makes you so special.

If you're a data geek like me (sorry, it's my years of working at Apple) check out my graph from today's ride.

safe rides to all and congrats to Graeme and his amazing family for that awesome victory!


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