Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 2 Cyclo Climb Conquered!

Day 2 Cyclo-Climb done!
Started with Neuro Muscular Facilitation drill (15mins)
Drove 5 mins. to starting locale for workout
5 mins Cyclo warmup off the bike
5 min warmup on the bike
50 min workout - 8 intervals with 3 min. recovery in between each
5 min. warm down on the bike
5 min stretch off the bike

Note: I think the hill I chose albeit a 3 min. hill for me turned out to be a MUCH steeper grade than what I think Graeme prefers for this workout. I know I wasn't able to keep my cadence at 100 rpm so I may have to find another place to try this again possibly next week. Can anyone clarify the level of grade/steepness preferred for Day 2?

I'm tired and I've got to teach Spin class tonight - I think I'll throw a few of these pedaling techniques at them :)

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